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Do you find yourself wanting something more in life?

Perhaps it's wealth, freedom, fame... or just an undeniable feeling that there's so much more to explore.
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You're not alone; countless individuals share these aspirations.

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It's not about "how" to achieve your dreams. Most people already possess the knowledge they need. The real challenge lies in "who" you need to become to turn those dreams into reality.

Steve Ek
You never rise above your own opinion of yourself.

—Steve Ek

The internal battles of procrastination, imposter syndrome, self-sabotage, and fear are the real obstacles that hold you back from living the life you desire. This is where we come in.


Becoming Unapologetically Confident


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This 12-module course is designed to elevate your confidence, transform your self-relationship, and diminish self-doubt.

What sets this course apart is the unwavering accountability we provide. We're here to guide you on your personal development journey, ensuring your self-mastery and success.

1-on-1 Coaching

Experience three one-on-one calls with Steve Ek himself. These sessions are tailored to address your unique challenges, aspirations, and internal conflicts.

Accountability for Success

We're not just about knowledge; we're about transformation. Our accountability framework will keep you on track, ensuring you make continuous progress on your path to personal mastery and success.

Weekly Zoom Meetings

Become part of our vibrant community during weekly live Zoom meetings. Engage with like-minded individuals and directly interact with Steve Ek. Get answers to your questions and gain insights from others on the same journey.

12 Modules

Dive deep into the heart of confidence over 12 carefully curated modules. Explore breaking habits, understanding the science of fear, conquering self-doubt, expanding your circle, and embracing wealth as part of your confidence journey.

Limited Spots Available

Our course is in high demand, and spots are limited to ensure a personalized experience for each participant. Don't let self-doubt and fear hold you back any longer. Join Steve Ek and countless others who have transformed their lives through Becoming Unapologetically Confident.

Your Future of Unapologetic Confidence Awaits

Ready to break free from self-doubt and unlock your unapologetic confidence? Don't wait any longer; your journey towards unshakable confidence and unstoppable success begins now. Embrace the path of self-mastery and success, and seize the life you deserve.

Join Becoming Unapologetically Confident Now!

It's a no brainer to work with Steve!

Steve believes more in me that I believe in myself. I am working on this by taking your new course. You have been able to find the key to my problems. Now I have launched my first digital course and new business helping people buy homes. 



My quest to have Steve coach me was everything!

Steve coached my through why I did what did, and helped me evaluate to achieve my goals. Steve's coaching brought the best and worst out of me. He just doesn't get "no" for an answer and doesn't allow you to remain average. 



Coaching with Steve was a true game changer!

Steve will ask you the hard questions, while still being funny and helping you remain centered. I have never had any coaches work with me like this before. He helped me center my business around who I am and what I stand for. Steve will listen and implement, and ensure you implement what you learned.


—New York

Becoming Unapologetically Confident Course


Payment Plans Available

  • 12 recorded online modules 
  • Live support from Steve Ek
  • Accountability for success

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Embark on this incredible 12-week journey towards unapologetic confidence. Imagine a life where you confidently confront challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve the success you've always desired.

Meet Your Coach: Steve Ek

Steve Ek is not your typical coach.

Steve is a dynamic force of nature, a seasoned entrepreneur, and a true maverick when it comes to helping individuals like you unleash their unapologetic confidence and embrace a life of success.

With a career spanning business, entrepreneurship, and personal development, Steve knows what it takes to build wealth, achieve freedom, and live life on your terms. His remarkable journey has been featured in various media outlets, and he's recognized as one of WGN's "People You Should Know."

Steve Ek

But what truly sets Steve apart is his unwavering belief that success isn't just about knowledge; it's about becoming the person capable of achieving it.

He's faced his own share of challenges, from self-doubt to fear of failure, and emerged stronger, more confident, and more successful than ever.

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